I want you to go somewhere with me (I know, I know.. just go with it)

Think of your favorite childhood breakfast cereal. Think of going to the store , picking out the box and eating it for breakfast for 5 days straight. You probably though of a box in your head, and more importantly right now the characters on the box.

Was it a running leprechaun protecting high magically delicious treasure? A sea captain? A silly rabbit? It doesn’t matter — what does is that all of these products developed powerful brand stories that resonated with their ideal audience

Brand stories are more that 20 times more memorable than facts alone. That’s why the most successful brands invest into copywriting and the branding work that goes hand in hand.

Whether you’re growing your business and need tools to help you team member’s understand your brand or you just need to establish clarity around who you are and how you deliver unique value, I’m here to help reign in your messaging and  positioning and clear  and as powerful as a iconic cereal commercial.

The Email Package

A brand story as a key element in it’s success. People want to spend their money with brand they connect with on a human level.

Brands who share their passions, values, and even their sense of humor. Show your people who yo are and they will come like bees to honey.

You’re a perfect fit if…

  • You’re launching a new business and want to start strong and fast with your messaging
  • You’re relaunching and want to build something great from all of that experience
  • You’re and established brand in need of a document that serves as your one source of truth for anyone who writes or speaks on your behalf

Inside The All-In-One Branding Package

  • In-depth client questionnaire featuring 6 heart-level branding questions to get the most out of your messaging
  • Access to my propriety branding framework
  • up to 3 60-minute 1:1 branding and strategy coaching sessions
  • Heart-level market, brand, and audience research
  • A detail and highly researched brand kit including brand and customer archetype, tone, voice, and do’s and don’ts
  • A social media strategy with a built out 90 day content calendar
  • Detailed content pillars to build future content from
  • A master customer advocacy document chock full of brand research, insights, competitive analytics, insights, and customer testimonials
  • Up to 3 fresh customer interviews and full findings report
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Revision
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