Website Copy Samples

Sales Pages

Project: The Shutter Vision Photography Course

The goal of this project was to create a simple and beautiful sales page that evoked a compassionate and informative tone and encouraged excitement and registrants for an evergreen self-paced course. I worked along with designers on the in-house team to develop copy and align it with a designer’s template. (Some details and imagery have been altered to protect client confidentiality.)

Project: The Soul Leadership Mastermind

The goal of this project was to entice entrepreneurs to join a high-ticket, long-term developmental retreat, and mastermind group. I worked with the head of marketing to discover the true purpose of the mastermind and its benefits and features then wrote copy that spoke to them and helped their audience overcome objections. (Some details and imagery have been altered to protect client confidentiality.)

About Pages

Project: Hooked Together About Page

In this project, I created an about us page for Hooked Together – an online community dedicated to connecting and inspiring crocheters of all levels. The page highlights the founder, Malia, and her passion for crochet, as well as the community’s mission to foster creativity, connection, and community through the craft. I also highlighted the resources and inspiration available on the website, including the blog and pattern shop. The overall message of the page is that Hooked Together is more than just a website – it’s a welcoming community of individuals who share a love for crochet and a desire to connect and grow together.

Project: Whimsical Wicks About Page

As a copywriter, I created an about page for Whimsical Wicks with a humorous and conversational tone. The page highlights the story of how the founder, Michelle, fell in love with candle-making in in her young life and turned her passion into a business. The about page emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering the highest quality to it’s clients.

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